Target Haul, Vol. 6


*Another feature that I am going to start on the blog is Target Hauls. Basically, I love to read when other people go and buy stuff, so I thought some of you might be interested to see the latest and greatest finds that I have gotten from Target.

Last. Target. Haul. for at least two weeks! Which is slightly saddening to me, but nonetheless, I must persevere with my No-Shopping-Until-Christmas Challenge. I will be rewarded with more money in my bank account and some sweet Target items from Christmas (at least I hope). These two beauts were my Cyber Monday purchases – those of you who are sticklers for rules might remember that I first posted about this challenge on Cyber Monday, well my friends, I bought these before I made my rule. Loopholes. Awesome accessory loopholes!

I was afraid that this scarf was going to sell out before Christmas, which is mainly why I purchased it. It is an awesome graphic print of city buildings. Now, I am not a city girl, but I love how beautiful cities look with their bright lights and big ideas, and that’s exactly what I think this city scarf looks like. Plus, it is blue, my favorite color.

This necklace reminds me of all the fancy J.Crew ones (which I would love to owe if someone wants to give me $100 or give to me, hint hint), but at a Target price. The necklace arrived missing some of its gems (rough mail delivery during this holiday season time, I think). I planned on taking it in for a refund, but I loved it too much. I pulled out my super glue and fixed it good as new (maybe even better). Those gems aren’t going anywhere, except around my neck!

ps. The Fiancé let me shake my wrapped Christmas presents last night, which was awesome, but I am apparently really bad at guessing what things are. Last year, he shook his presents and guessed what they all were! 100% people. Someone should hire him to do that for some real life purpose. However, this year, he was only about 30% accurate. Little does he know, that’s because I purposely made it hard this year. Sucker.

What did you ask for for Christmas this year? I love hearing what other people want!


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