Dare to Bare


This is my please-take-my-picture-so-I-can-go-inside-to-the-warmth face.


I thought I could go one more day with not wearing tights. I was wrong. Cold fail.

I really like this outfit, mainly because I love stripes, leopard, and sparkly things (helloooo bling necklace!). This dress is super awesome and comfy, but I wasn’t sure when I was picking this out last night whether it was going to look okay this morning with all my lovely Target accessories, but I love it!

Even though my legs are cold. Good thing I have a blanket under my desk at work. What do you mean that’s not normal?

Have you made the move to tights? Or are you still daring to bare those unrestricted legs, just like me?


  • On Target item: Statement Necklace (old, but similar)
  • Dress: Old Navy (recent)
  • Belt: Merona, Target (old, but similar)
  • Shoes: Mossimo ankle boots (old, similar)

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