The Bucket Game





Fact: all the local Targets here in Indianapolis sell sports gear for the local professional and school teams. Hypothesis: I would guess that all local Targets sell something like that for their state and collegiate teams. But I’m not for sure? So let me know in the comments if your hometown Target sells sports gear for your teams.

I think this is a really great idea. I love that I can go into my favorite store and pick up some gear for my favorite sports teams. I have bought a few items of Indiana University (my alma mater) apparel from Target, and this t-shirt is one of my favorites.

I pulled it out to wear today, because myself, my dad, and one of my best friends, B, are all going to the annual IU vs. Purdue Bucket Game. My dad graduated from Purdue, and B and I graduated from IU. The rivalry between these two schools is legendary, and the yearly football game decides which team gets to add their letter to the bucket. I’m hoping for an IU win, but we have not been playing well for the past two games. The good news, though, is that Purdue hasn’t been playing well all year!

I’ll have to bundle up (the game is always played on the last weekend of November, it seems) and plan on wearing this t-shirt as one of my core layers, but this is what I would wear to the game had it been played in late September. T-shirt, cardigan, and jeans, plus a game with my dad and a stadium hot dog. What more could a girl ask for as a great tradition!?


  • On Target item: Indiana University t-shirt (check in stores for apparel for your local sports team)
  • Hat: Moon Shadow, Target
  • Cardigan: Merona, Target (recent and on sale!)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target Jeans, (got mine in August in stores)
  • Shoes: Old Navy (here)

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