In Review: November 2013


As November comes to a close, I want to take a look back on all the cool things that happened to me this month. I went through my instagram posts (through my personal account and the Style On Target account). Seems to be heavy on warm drinks, sweaters/warm wear, fall leaves, and good eats, all of which are fine in my book.

  1. Target Review of this C9 Softshell Jacket
  2. At-home brunch of scrambled eggs and red velvet pancakes
  3. Fall sunset while riding in the car
  4. Perfection = winter sweaters from Target and red winter cups from Starbucks
  5. Fall forests in Brown County, Indiana
  6. Compliments from my Target coffee cup
  7. World record-setter Cooper – my dog – has successfully curled himself up into the tiniest ball of fur ever
  8. Bacon pancakes from The Original Pancake house
  9. Casual weekend wear on the blog

December is coming and I am ready for the holiday parties and family time and traditions. I hope you enjoyed your November!


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