Target Review: C9 by Champion Softshell Jacket






Another new blog feature (the whole blog is new, which means I need new ideas?) will be reviews of “foundation/essential” pieces. These, in a sense, will be your investment pieces (though they don’t have to be at investment prices) as opposed to your trend pieces. So staples versus fads?

First up on the docket for a Style on Target Review is this black softshell jacket from C9 by Champion. I had been wanting a fall/spring weight jacket that was longer in length and was made of the softshell material. Oh, and it HAD to have a hood. I was willing to spend around $100 for it, since I knew I would be wearing it a ton. I looked all over – online and in-stores – and couldn’t ever find what I was looking for. I just happened to be in Target and stumbled upon the beaut in the athletic/C9 by Champion section. I couldn’t try it on fast enough.

It was EVERYTHING that I was looking for, so I took it home…for 50 BUCKS! Score me.

I’ve worn it pretty much nonstop since then, and I am trying to sneak a few more wears out of it, before the weather turns on me. Check it out online at the above link or in store!


  • Hood (hugely necessary for me, as I hate being rained on, but also hate carrying an umbrella)
  • Warm enough for both winter and spring (lined and I got it big enough to wear another thin jacket underneath if need be)
  • Exterior zip pockets (perfect for keeping stuff in)
  • Double zipper (allows for zipping up and parting bottom for walking)
  • Softshell fabric (thick and wind/water resistant)
  • Sleeves are cut at an angle, which is a cool feature
  • Paneling on jacket gives a slim look
  • Color choices (comes in this black, light gray, purple, charcoal, and teal – so pretty and I almost got this color)
  • Price


  • Honestly none at this time!

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