Tough on Family Fun




Holy moly, this weekend has been jam-packed! Lots of activity yesterday (chicken minis, wedding dress shopping, lunch, more shopping, dinner, and Gravity) and more today! My parents came down for a picnic with my dad’s parents and sister, and The Fiance and I joined them for a little family fun. It was a gorgeous fall day (though chilly at times), so I am glad I had my “tough guy” motorcycle/bomber-style jacket to keep me warm. I wanted an outfit that I could run around in and not be worried about sitting like a lady, since we did a lot of laughing, playing with the dog, hiking and wading in some streams, and eating.

Pretty great day, and now I am going to go enjoy some football to finish out this Sunday.


  • On Target item: Xhilration Jacket, (old, similar)
  • Shirt: JCPenney, thrifted
  • Jeans: Old Navy (old, similar)
  • Shoes: Sperrys (old…and still wet from wading!)

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