Flower Power Monday




So after a short work week and a long weekend (I get every other Friday off – hooray), I am back to work. And nothing says bring it on Monday like a floral pencil skirt and a simple button down. Thankfully my Monday flew by, and I was able to make it home to finalize another vintage Coach purse purchase on Ebay. I am up to three now. I think I am addicted. The Fiance would say that he knows I am. Oh well?

I just love the history and the durability of these bags. Plus, I love thrifting and reusing things, instead of creating more (don’t get me wrong, I love modern day shopping as well). Coach is making their same vintage styles in their Classic collection (no “C” pattern here, I’m only a fan of the leather ones), but selling them for $300. I got a vintage one at Goodwill this weekend for $12.50. That is crazy! I’ve never been one to get crazy over brand name bags, but these are really timeless and cool.

Have you ever gotten so excited about a clothing item or accessory that you had to collect them all?! Let me know!


  • On Target item: Merona skirt (other patterns in store now)
  • Shirt: Merona, Target (old…though similar green one in stores now)
  • Shoes: Merona, Target (old)

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